Krishna caps is an organization engaged in manufacturing primary and secondary packing materials for Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and liquor producers. Krishna caps are well known in the industry for its commitment to quality. Keeping in view our multi product manufacturing, utmost care is taken in terms of “Good manufacturing practices “.

Krishna Cap Box Pvt. Ltd. (Krishna caps) is engaged in manufacturing of Primary and Secondary packing material for pharmaceutical, FMCG and liquor industry. The company was incorporated as a flag ship company of on metal group which has been in existence from the year 1972.

Over the years by introducing innovative products and manufacturing methods the group has earned a leadership positions in the industry. We listen we think and we deliver solutions - combining over 40 years of expert knowledge, building products from ground up with optimized technologies ensuring highest quality level to make our customers more productive. It is the visionary thinking, Staying committed and meticulous detail work, which is necessary to meet and exceed the high standards required in our business.
- The group has 3 manufacturing units with more than 300 employees.
- The plants cover an area of around 11000 square meters in total.
- The total production capacity stands at 2 billions closures per annum, for the Aluminium Closer division along with an equally handsom figures for Can division and Canister division.

Our products are being dispatched to every part of India along with a decent share of production being exported to various countries in South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and many others.