1972:-  Incorporation of our flagship co. M/s our metal industries under the leadership of Sh. Aditya Rastogi for manufacturing of ROPP caps.

1980:-   The Company shifted its operation to a bigger area. Taking its manufacturing capacity to 10 million caps per month which increased every year.

2002:-   The Company established another plant with an area of 2000 square meters. This ….. had its own printing machine and a production capacity of 25 million caps.

2006:-   Another manufacturing facility was added coils an area of 1800 square meters. Thesetup had an installed capacity of 20 million caps.

2008:-  We added two imported Krishna caps to have the best printing facility in the whole of northern India. The curing over as well as the coating machine were imported from Europe .

2013:-  The Company …… into canister backs for the liquor industry. …… the role exclusive manufacturers of AQ Blue canisters. The total installed capacity of ROPP caps hiked to around 800 million caps per annum .

2014:-   The Company further diversified in industry, its step forward in the packaging industry.

2015:-  Krishna Caps has taken over ABC pvt ltd for exclusive manufacturing of canisters and tin products. The ROPP caps production now stands at 90 million per month.