Welcome To Krishna Caps

Krishna caps is an organization engaged in manufacturing primary and secondary packing materials for Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and liquor producers. Krishna caps are well known in the industry for its commitment to quality. Keeping in view our multi product manufacturing, utmost care is taken in terms of “Good manufacturing practices “.

Krishna caps since its inception has been successful in securing the status of an environment manufacture and exporter of Aluminum closures ( commonly known as PP(Pilfer proof) caps, Bottle caps, liquor closure , closure for pharma bottles ), Printed Tin and Aluminum Sheets , Tin can Ends and Canisters. Read More >>

Aluminum Closure Division

Krishna Caps is the market leader for Aluminum closures (Known as ROPP caps) for the pharmaceuticals, FMCG and liquor industry. We have a diversified range of products and are equipped to customize any Pilfer Read More >>

Aluminum & Tin Printed Sheets

Our printed equipment includes the best and most modern machines of the world which help us achieve printing results of international standard. The group has large metal procuring and handling capacity which enables us to Read More >>

Tin Can Ends

Krishna caps produces various kinds of closures for food and non – food applications. These Can-ends Can be used for Paint Cans , Composite Cans , Processed Food Cans , General Live Built – Up Cans. Read More >>


Krishna caps produces canisters for the liquor and FMCG industry as secondary packing option. Packaging being a very important aspect of marketing a product, our canisters are just the right answer to create well crafted package. Read More >>